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Why Vicks? ... Because It's All About YOU!

<p>There is a reason our partners have chosen Vicks since 1918, and we can provide solutions to help <strong>you</strong> grow profitable business. Step 1 - We listen.</p> <p>We listen to <strong>your need for creating digital content</strong> that can be sent to our offset and digital print operations, repurposed for E-books and distributed through the web.</p> <p>We understand <strong>your need to free up cash</strong> through lower inventory levels. Through sales trend analysis we help you produce the right order quantity at the right time, even if it is only a few books!</p> <p>Our team works with <strong>your designers and editors</strong> to create a print piece that meets <strong>your objectives for cost and profit</strong>.</p> <p>We learn the need to get product to <strong>your ultimate custome</strong>r faster by shipping directly from Vicks. We become<strong> your distribution center</strong>, and <strong>your customer</strong> gets <strong>your product</strong> sooner.</p> <p>Vicks understands that our success depends on our customers' success. So, we listen to how we can help you, and then we do it. It is that simple.</p>