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Electronic Content

Vicks and its partner, Absolute Services, Inc., can take a book from concept to finished file ready to distribute. Existing content, either digital or analog, can be "ingested" and reformatted to distribute and customize. Services include writing, editing, page layout, indexing, typesetting, proofreading, converting content to digital and XML, and creating E-books and mobile device compatible content.

We help customers improve their Content Work Flow. The investment to create a book can be as much as three times the cost of printing it. Most companies have thinner staffs that are not keeping up with publishing schedules causing books to be delayed or canceled. With few exceptions, we can take a product at whatever stage and complete it so our customer can publish and generate revenue.

Most publishers are still trying to figure out how to make a profit from digital content. We offer these services like a menu to choose from. The beauty is we can do these things at such a reduced cost, that you can try things without a massive investment and see what works.

Since all of the content is digital, Vicks can create Custom Books on the fly using variable data.